Little Peel 6 October 10, 2013

Little Peel 6 October 10, 2013

8 members and 3 visitors walked up little Peel. The day was mild and the strong winds predicted never arrived.

The track was in good condition and dry making a great day out. Views were available at several locations and at the top we stopped for lunch enjoying the company and the views. Several mountain ranges were named and future trip opportunities that we could see were discussed.

After lunch the party split into 2 with 5 descending the main track and 6 via South Ridge.

We arrived back at the vehicles with 30 minutes between the 2 groups. A short discussion and an ice cream in Peel Forest followed.

Christine, Lisa, Michelle, Colin, Katie Judy, Neville, Robert, Bruce ,Jeremy thank Barry for organizing a great trip.

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