Weekend Trip Information

What you need


This is a basic checklist based on New Zealand conditions with overnight stays in huts. Please feel free to check with the club if you are not sure about any of these items, or wonder about bringing additional items not listed here.  Make sure you have left enough room in your pack to carry a shared group parcel/equipment i.e. tents, stoves, billies, shared evening meal items .


 Sturdy Pack and pack liner

 Sleeping bag

 Sleeping Mat

 Plate, Mug & cutlery

 Drink bottle

 Toilet gear & small towel

 Toilet paper

 Headlamp or Torch

 Personal First aid and any medications

 Whistle & insect repellent

 Sun protection – hat/glasses/sunscreen lotion

 Map & compass

 Matches in waterproof container & candle

 Plastic Bags

 Hut pass/Hut tickets

 Pencil & paper


Favour fast-dry synthetics and/or wool fabrics over cotton

 Parka or Windbreaker & overtrousers

 Handkerchiefs

 Woollen hat or balaclava

 Mitts or gloves

 Warm Jersey or Jacket

 Longjohns (wool or polypropylene) or Warm Trousers

 Shorts (do NOT wear jeans)

 Complete change of clothes

 Boots & spare bootlaces

 Three pairs of thick socks

 Change of underwear

 Light shoes or sandals/hut shoes

 A bag with your other gear for a change at end of trip to travel home in which will remain in the vehicle.


 Breakfast, tea/coffee/sugar/milk

 Powder Soup/Drink powder etc.

 Snack food

 2 Lunches

 Full Water Bottle


Trip Leader will organise Maps, Club First Aid Kit, PLB, Cookers & Fuel & Matches, Billies & Pot Scrubber, Tents and Group Food for Shared Evening Meal