About Us

The South Canterbury Tramping Club was formed in approximately 1973 by a group of like-minded  individuals with a love of the outdoors.  

Today membership is around 50 with ages ranging from early teens to people in their late 70’s.

Trip Information

We organise trips to cater for people of differing levels of fitness and tramping experience.

The trips range from easy to hard and from day and weekend trips to multi day trips as these can be arranged.

Transport is by club members’ private vehicles, with running costs shared between participants.

The club has limited gear available for members use.

Definition of Graded Walks

Easy:  Flat country or day walks

Moderate:   4-6 hours walking on tracks, with some uphill.  

                         Weekend or multi day trips carrying full pack.

Hard:   Up to 8 hours walking, may include steeper terrain.

                  Weekend or multi day trips carrying full pack. Reasonable fitness needed.