Woolshed Creek Hut Trip – 28-29 July 2023

Due to the weather predictions the week before we decided to postpone our trip to Woolshed Creek to the following weekend. Hazel asked if I worked on a Friday and I said “No – Lets go then” The other three, Wayne, Graeme and Joan were also available to go on the Friday. Well, what a great decision. We set off from the car park at 10.00am with a bit of a chill in the air. Once we got up to the Coal Dredging area, we stopped to take in the history, have a nibble of nuts and Wayne even got out his sunglasses. We decided to take the 4WD track but that was a bit of a mission, mud, ice, and snow made it rather difficult as you didn’t know where to walk.

Once at the hut we had lunch and took in the lovely sunshine. Wayne then went and put some big rocks across the river so we could get across. The idea was to go up the saddle, but once up on the ridge decided that there was too much snow and ice and we weren’t equipped to go, so walked up to the top of the hill and watched two walkers come down the track, one falling over on the way down. We were trying to work out whether they were male, female, back packs on, turned out it was two ladies from Rangiora and Leithfield. We then walked around to look at the swing bridge and then went back to the hut for nibbles and a cuppa. Two other trampers came in from the Pinnacles, but they said they had to use spikes to get through. This made 9 in the hut which was just great.

Had tea, sorted out the world and went to bed. Up at 7.30 with Wayne boiling the billie. Had breakfast and set off via the steep way. This was a mission walking along the side of the creek with ice everywhere. Finally got to the hill and hello, more ice, but what a beautiful view we got when reaching the top. (See photo below looking out on the mountains). Had a nut bar and headed on. What greeted us was more ice, so we had to bush wack down the side of the hill – (see last photo). Descending along the track there was mud and ice once again. Got back to the car park, had some lunch, went, and got the compulsory ice-cream at Mt Somers and headed for home.
Thanks for a great weekend.
Carol B
New Lady

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