Waihi Gorge Trip – Sat 24 June 2023

This was my first outing with the club. Got picked up by Barry with the others in another car – Catherine, Owen, Graeme, and Joan. Got to our destination, just past the Waihi Gorge Camp Area with a slight drizzle. The track was a 4WD, steady uphill track, but because of the rain we had had the week prior, underfoot was wet and a little slippery when going downhill, which poor Owen was victim to and fell headfirst. Once out of the forest the sun gods appeared, and we were in a lovely valley. Just around the corner was the old Stone Hut. After having a look through we had lunch at the more modern hut behind the stone hut. When we were ready to leave it clagged in again. Had a little obstacle to navigate on the way in and out, a locked gate at the beginning of the Saddle Peak Forest, so we had a little scrambling climbing over the chain. Back at the car, got changed and then ice-creams at Geraldine, Great first day.
Thanks everyone.

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