Mt Somers – 11th February 2024

On Sunday the 11th of February, Graham, Joan, Justine, Veronnica, Vikki, John, Paul and Wayne did a daytrip to Mt Somers. It was a two part trip – an initial short and easy walk along the new DOC track to Sharplin Falls, then a longer and more energy using walk up to and beyond Duke’s Knob.

The weather was good, fine and sunny when we arrived at the Mt Somers carpark. We were surprised to see that there were already several cars there. We unpacked and started walking along the new track to Sharplin Falls. The track was initially on the same side of the river as the car park. We climbed up the track at the start which then followed the river up with a zig-zag route. The track was well formed and gravelled – easy to walk on. The track dropped down to the river and we crossed over to the true left and followed a river terrace track up for a short distance before crossing over the river again on another new and much higher bridge than before. The track took us under a huge boulder and then to a wooden viewing platform where we could see Sharplin Falls. Track time was stated as 45 minutes each way but we probably did it in about 30 minutes each way. There were a few wasps after the honeydew on the beech trees. We returned to the car park for part two of the walk.

We crossed the bridge at the car park and started the climb up towards Duke’s Knob. The track was reasonably dry and in good condition. Several others were on the track as well – some with overnight packs. It is a steepish climb up through the bush to Duke’s Knob. We noticed a new section of track near the top which was less steep and slippery than the old track.

Once we arrived at Duke’s Knob we stopped, chatted with other trampers, admired the views and had lunch. After lunch we split with Graham, Joan, Veronnica, Vikki and Wayne going on along the track and the others returning to the car.

The upstream track again was in good condition and did a dropping sidle before a sharp drop down to the river. We walked upstream along the track on the true left as far as the swingbridge over Bowyers Stream before turning back and climbing back over Duke’s Knob again. The climb seemed much easier this time with only a day pack and not the usual heavier overnight pack.

Once we were all at the car again we drove to Staveley for an ice cream before heading home.

Thanks to Graham for organising the trip and to Justine for the transport.

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