Mt Dobson Report. Sunday 9th April 2017

Mt Dobson Report. Sunday 9th April 2017

We had a very large party of 23 climbing Mt Dobson and the North Spur. We were on our feet at 8.40am after meeting at Louise and Ian’s. A very clear day with no cloud. A fresh dusting of snow on the tops. The clear sky did not last all day. 🙁

The North Spur party had a great walk under the guidance of Yvonne Shaw. In her party was Ross from SCTC. Yvonne’s husband John, my neighbour Clare and her son Christopher, also Sue from Australia. They were home by mid-day.

The rest of us Louise, David, Barb, Gary, Natasha and Helen from MTC. Barry, Christine, Wayne and Catherine from SCTC. Liam, Karen Nic, & Lisa from Fairlie, Rosie Ben and Sam from Australia continued to climb Mt Dobson. We had to put in the hard yards for the 1749m climb. Some chose not to go all the way, enjoying what they had achieved. Ten of us got to the first peak in white out conditions, but were rewarded with good views over the Mackenzie and Mt Cook with the cloud behind us. Amazing! We returned the same way following our footsteps in the snow as the cloud continued to get lower. A 9hr day for most of us. Very satisfied.

We enjoyed a cuppa at Louise and Ian’s before the MTC members left.

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