Mount Sunday and Mount Guy Sunday 14th September

Mount Sunday and Mount Guy Sunday 14th September

We left Timaru 8am and as we drove towards our destination the cloud lifted and by the time we arrived it was a beautiful day.

Our warm up walk was Mount Sunday which took approximately 1 hour round trip. Great views of the Rangitata River although not much water in it, surrounding mountains.

The hill got its name because boundary riders from the high – country stations would meet their on Sundays. Recently it was the film site for Edoras in the movie The Lord of the Rings.

After that warm up we drove back down to Lake Clearwater and proceeded to walk then climb Mount Guy. This was approximately a 2.5 hr walk to reach the summit. It was a poled route up and over the summit to link with the Te Araroa Trail.

The height of the summit is 1319m. We were very lucky with the weather. Beautiful clear day and great views but by the time we arrived back at the cars the clouds were starting to cover Mount Guy. I would like to thank Christine for organising this trip (3rd attempt) and as a new member and first tramp I thoroughly enjoyed it and the company of the people on it. Awesome day. Grant.

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