Mid Winter at Braemar

Mid Winter at Braemar

After arriving at the Shearers Quarters, choosing a bed, putting the crock pot on we drove back several kilometres to a new DOC sign and parked the car. The sign indicated it was 11km to Landslip Creek but our goal was the hut where a few of us stayed when we had a wild pine clearing weekend. The day was mild but it was a strong head wind and the view excluded Mt Cook. The view was still spectacular with the wind blowing the snow off Mt Stevenson. It was about 2 hours later when we arrived at the private hut. A slow 5km. The chairs came out of the hut and we found a little shelter to enjoy the sun, while we had lunch. Liam enjoyed the time out of the front pack and was a happy little boy.

After lunch we walked back up to the ridge towards the lake until we had a lovely view of Lake Pukaki. However it was too windy on the ridge so we headed back to the track and with the wind assistance made it back to the car in double quick time.

It was an enjoyable afternoon and evening in the accommodation. A fantastic meal was provided by Catherine and a new board game introduced by Rebecca and Rob to another 4 of us.

We woke to a good frost, no wind and stunning views of Mt Cook. We left the accommodation in the morning and drove to the Jollie Creek Car Park after a quick look at the start of the A2O cycle way. The 2.5km through Mt Cook Station was interesting. We saw goats, Bison, Thar, an albino deer, and a 14 pointer stag on the other side of the fence. Once into the Gamack Conservation Land we could see the difference with clear felling of land and on arrival at the hut you could see daylight, a change from 4 years ago. I wonder who removed the trees, but there is still a long way to go. We wandered another km or so and ended with a great view up the Jollie beyond the pines.

Back to the car, we headed back to Timaru via a café in Temuka.

It was a great weekend for Colin, Judy, Dave, Rob, Christine, Bruce, John, Catherine, Owen, Rebecca, Rob and 7 month old Liam who behaved so well. Welcome to our youngest member.

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