Lake Clearwater Sunday 9th August

Lake Clearwater Sunday 9th August DepartingTimaru at 8am with promise of fresh snow underfoot and forecast for sleety showers and for us hopefully a window of a nicer day at Lake Clearwater. This is the way it turned out. The day saw a scenic drive with snow filled paddocks, hills and mountains. The road was clear and not too much traffic about on this day. Lake Clearwater on arrival looking quite stunning with snow all around and a glass like lake. Parking down at the lakeside camping area we set off in an anti-clockwise direction. Snow underfoot for much of the way, fresh powder and not so deep made for pleasant walking. This was a 3 hour walk, taking in a lunch stop amidst some tussocks which made for dry and comfy seating. This was 10.5 kms easy walking with awesome views, changing skies and reflections all around. We were lucky with the weather and with constantly changing clouds around, we were lucky enough to have the sun. A great day out. Thanks for the company Catherine, Peter Grant, Barry, Ross and Marilyn.


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