Hoods Loop Track

Hoods Loop Track

Herbert Forest North Otago

On Sunday Morning 11th August an energetic group of trampers set off from Timaru at around 0730 hrs, to travel south to the Herbert Forest and Hoods Loop track. On arrival the weather was somewhat overcast with low cloud. Nevertheless we are a hardy bunch so it wasn’t long before we were on our way, firstly along a forestry road that soon joined up to our planned walk on the Hoods Loop Track. The walk continued through some quite spectacular native mossy bush and vegetation. At one point there was a ladder placed for easy access over a bluff close to a waterfall. The area was teaming with native bird life probably due to the lack of predators in the area.

Prior to leaving the loop track we all stopped for a well earned lunch. Once fuelled we were up and away again. After completing the loop the return trip was by comparison along an uninteresting forestry road towards Quinn’s Road, then onto the native area of the Swallow’s Track which was then a downhill run to the Breakneck Road car park. We had now completed the 4.5 hour walk.

We all enjoyed the day out with the weather holding out to ensure its success. Thanks to Catherine, Michelle, Owen, Ross and Barry who ventured out for the day.

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