An early departure meant we were walking the Bendigo loop by 11 am. The drive down was interesting. Through the Lindus Valley the fence posts beside the road were just visible above the flooded river. The snow from 2 weeks earlier and Nor west rain made for wet soggy country.

After a short bit of bush we were in open country looking across the Lindus Valley, or south to the Pisa Range. The snow looked quite low. The track took us along the west side of the ridge, across a narrow but very swollen creek, past some amazing thors, where we stopped for lunch. After 3 hours we passed over a saddle and looked down to Lake Dunstan and Cromwell. There was bad weather to the south. A few minutes later jackets went on but the rain was light. The track back is lower down , but still on a small ridge overlooking vineyards and huge houses.

To cross the creek we found a shallow piece to cross so still had dry feet when we arrived back at the car in fading light.

We stayed at a back packer and were told the road to Queenstown was closed by the heavy rain 3 hour earlier.

Sunday started with Catherine preventing a kitchen fire. She only used the kitchen as access while we loaded the car Well done!

Our first walk was a short walk to see the amazing remnants of early gold sluicing. The rocks were all in a herringbone pattern to channel the water. It must have been back breaking.

Then we returned to Bendigo and walked round some mining and township relics. It was interesting history. There is another town that has been restored nearby but the creek was far too high to ford.

Thanks to Catherine who organised a great weekend for Owen, Colin and Judy.

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